Traffic Law can be very confusing and very difficult to interpret. NSW has the highest number of traffic offenses that carry a loss of demerit points than any other State or Territory in Australia. Over 600 traffic offenses in NSW carry a loss of Demerit points, with Queensland the next highest at just over 300.

Driving charges can have serious implications. In many cases, the bare minimum will be a period of licence disqualification. Gaol and heavy financial penalties may also apply.

At present there is no such thing as a work licence or a probationary licence in NSW. If your licence is suspended or disqualified, you may have to serve that period of suspension or disqualification before you can legally drive again. This can cause major disruptions to your day to day life, such as trying to get to work, do shopping or transport family members to and from school.

At Kernick Law we provide timely advice with a fair and honest opinion of what penalties may be imposed and your chance of success in having the matter dismissed without further penalty. We also offer advice that is fair and reasonable to all.

We can assist in all traffic matters including:

Drink driving, High Range PCA, Middle Range PCA, Low Range PCA and Special range PCA;
DUI, Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
Refusing Breath test;
Wilfully alter the concentration of alcohol;
Driving whilst disqualified, suspended or cancelled;
Habitual Offender Declaration Appeals